[REPORT] Status of Ocean Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia Report [ACES 2018 50% Discount]

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This report is written to give a summary of the current status of ocean renewable energy activities in Southeast Asia. It is intended for stakeholders from different sectors (e.g. academia, policy makers, industries and industry supply chain, local communities and businesses) who are relatively new in the field of ocean renewables but are interested to know more about the general aspects of the ocean renewables from its availability, affordability, accessibility and acceptability point of views. This report also gives synopsis of the current ocean renewable energy technologies that are used, planned and possible to be utilised in the regional conditions of Southeast Asia. Further, the report also discusses the possible markets for ocean renewables, the synergy among other mature industries like oil and gas and offshore wind to address the challenges that ocean renewable sector faces in the region. Finally, it also summarizes the policies of each of the countries that can help increase the uptake of ocean renewable energy sector in Southeast Asia.